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Megan Doyle

Meet Megan

I have been working with women during the childbearing years for as long as I’ve been a massage therapist, over 10 years. I never stop learning. I have pursued trainings that help me look at more pieces of the puzzle and address clients more holistically in recent years. I am a massage therapist specializing in women’s health.

I am passionate about educating, empowering, and caring for women, especially during the childbearing continuum. My training as an Arvigo® practitioner allows me to assist my clients on their journeys to reproductive and digestive health. I am also a dedicated mother of four, a horticulturalist always longing to get my hands dirty, and homesteader living off and caring for the land.
As a La Leche League leader, I have been supporting breastfeeding families for over a decade. As an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, I use my training to support families through services and a postpartum planning/community education class. I believe that the health of a community starts with care that honors, supports, and nurtures its mothers. My vision for each family in the postpartum time is to find the healing and ancient wisdom that meets their needs to thrive.

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