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Planning For the Fourth Trimester is based on the most impactful training I have done- INNATE Postpartum Care training. My mentor, Rachelle Garcia Seliga created this class to be taught by INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioners in their respective communities to further the cultural shift that is her life’s work. The class will interweave time-tested postpartum wisdom with modern science. The focus on the postpartum time is intended to revive the honor and dignity of mothers as the center of a community, which revives family health and community health in turn. 
In our culture, postpartum care is not happening and mothers are suffering. Postpartum care across all traditional cultures looks the same because we have the same physiology. We just have to relearn and remember this wisdom. The information is rooted in honoring our physiology- what the postpartum body truly needs to recover and heal.
There are 4 classes, each 2 hrs long and then a 5th class scheduled when all are at least 6 weeks postpartum. We come back together along with our babies and complete the rite of passage with community celebration and witnessing.
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Some of the things you’ll learn:

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